Air2Air HeliPads launches at Heli UK Expo 2017

May 26, 2017

Air2Air has installed a brand new revolutionary HeliPad at Booker Airfield so you can see what it can offer your home/business for when you arrive to next week’s Heli UK Expo!

Not only does it protect against foreign objects and debris but it also has inbuilt landing lights running on solar power, (connected to a phone App) ‘making the Air2Air Heli pad stand out from the rest!


Air2Air will have a helipad for you to see at the show with a special discount if ordered on the day!


”Come by the Air2Air stand at C8 and get a glass of bubbly for free! *

We look forward to meeting you on at the Heli UK Expo 2017! *once bubbly has gone, it has gone –  get there early!

Air2Air Landing Pad – ‘We can build this to your specification’


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