Marenco updating main rotorhead and blades as second prototype emerges

September 7, 2015

Marenco Swisscopter is working on the second prototype of their SKYe SH09 helicopter, and have already registered it HB-ZXB with the Swiss authorities.

P2, as it is known, will be rolled-out this year and will become the main flight test vehicle as it incorporates all latest improvements and modifications.  These have been developed from the learning process from the first prototype – all part of the process to fine-tune a new aircraft type in applying the necessary changes which have been flagged up from testing of the components and the ground and flight testing of the aircraft itself.

In line with the project plan, the flight-test program at the Swiss airfield of Mollis is currently hold. This part of the development ensures that the engineering teams are able to focus on the improvements required for the second Prototype.  Mathias Senes, the Chief Commercial Officer of Marenco, confirmed to HeliHub that the top priority in the past few months has been the testing of a new Main Rotorhead and also a new generation of blades on Marenco’s whirl tower test-stand.

At the appropriate time, the first prototype will be modified to the updated configuration of P2 and will then return to its ground and flight testing campaigns.

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