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The organisers of AeroExpo UK launch Heli UK

February 28, 2013

Heli UK will provide an event platform within a traditional airfield setting, where exhibitors and visitors can meet, connect and do business in a flexible and relaxed environment.

Both exhibitors and visitors will be able to fly-in and out of the event, and with easily accessible demo flights, visitors will be able to see and experience the latest products in their natural setting.

One of the objectives of Heli UK will be to build awareness and encourage the acceptance of, helicopters as a vital means of transport for Private, Business, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Police, Utility, Search and Rescue (SAR) and Offshore Oil and Gas. With this in mind a comprehensive conference programme will be put in place to allow the dissemination of relevant knowledge and information in these areas of operation.

Heli UK will be a two day event held on June 3 – 4th 2014 at Sywell Aerodrome. This award winning aerodrome is perfectly located in the middle of the country to attract the Helicopter industry from all corners of the UK.

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