UK – CAA puts licence application process online

October 3, 2013

As part of a process to improve the way it handles official transactions, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will from today accept more applications online, including secure online payments. Pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers and air traffic personnel can now apply for a replacement licence or certificate online.

The first licensing form to be available on the CAA’s website allows anyone whose licence has been lost, stolen or damaged, to complete and submit a request for a replacement online, through a simplified application process.

The new electronic services are intended to continue a range of improvements to performance and processes across the CAA. These developments will ensure applicants for licences, certificates and approvals, receive a more efficient and consistent service.

The CAA said it was committed to reducing the number of existing paper-based forms into fewer online applications, simplifying the process for licence holders. Other licensing-related forms will be moved online over the coming months.

Online forms used by maintenance organisations were rolled out earlier in the year, and those for aircraft registrations are also expected soon.

The CAA is working with industry groups to develop further electronic applications, ensuring that the needs of end users are included.

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