UK Guimbal Importers Cotswold Helicopter Centre with Big Display at Heli UK Expo!

April 13, 2015

Cotswold Helicopter Centre will be exhibiting Cabri G2 helicopters and their training services at Heli UK Expo Sywell 29th – 31st May.

Cotswold Helicopter Centre have taken delivery of G-CILU, the 12th UK Cabri. This aircraft will be operated by Cotswold Helicopter Centre to support the launch of their Cabri G2 Flight Instructor Course, planned to start in June this year and to provide additional training capacity for PPL(H), CPL(H) and type rating courses at their Cotswold Airport base.

Due to the number of recent Cabri deliveries in the UK, there has been a significant rise in demand for type ratings for instructors at schools operating Cabri G2’s, as well as from freelance instructors wanting to add the type to their licence.

To support this demand, Cotswold Helicopter Centre have also developed an advanced technical knowledge and handling course for existing Cabri G2 instructors wanting to improve their understanding of the type.

G-CILU will also be made available to customers of Cotswold Helicopter’s lease fleet, to provide short term additional capacity when required and cover whilst their airframes are in maintenance.

Cotswold Helicopter Centre are the sole UK distributors for Helicopteres Guimbal and are based at Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire.

For more infomration about Cotswold Helicopter centre please visit:

Cotswold Helicopter Centre Website
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